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TO WWW.DUBAITELEMEDICINE.COM(WE DO NOT OPERATE IN DUBAI or UAE THIS IS VIRTUAL REALITY ONLY) is creating a virtual medical rehabilitation site for stroke patients. We are creating augmented reality and virtual reality application for post stroke rehabilitation that uses blockchain technology to record time spent in rehabilitation and correlate this with patient outcomes and outcome goals of treatments and therapies so that we can in real time alter treatment pathways and emphasize those actions and movements that deliver the best outcomes for our stroke patients. 


Phase I:


By purchasing a plot of land on, You will own Virtual Property that is designed after the islands. DubaiTelemedicine uses yoga to help patients with stroke, and helps them to heal. It also helps in virtual rehabilitation for patients with addictive disorders that lead to stroke. This is a novel treatment that allows patients to be in an immersive environment. Creating these virtual rehabilitation worlds requires an investment.



Awaiting for approval from RBIF Community. 

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iraq,the world islands,dubai.jpg
new zealand, the world islands, dubai_ed
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64.uruguay,the world islands,dubai.JPG
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36south korea,the world islands,dubai.JPG
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34.south africa,the world islands,dubai.JPG
29.north korea,the world islands,dubai.JPG
.Hong Kong,the world islands,dubai.JPG
39.srilanka,the world islands,dubai.JPG
32.Portugal,the world islands,dubai.JPG
30.Peru,the world islands,dubai.JPG
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lesser antilles is;and, the world islands, dubai.jpg
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SINGAPORE, the world islands, dubai.jpg
south of norway, the world islands, dubai.jpg
mongolia, the world islands, dubai.jpg
swaziland,the wor;d islands, dubai.jpg
philippines, the world islands, dubai.jpg
syria,the world islands, dubai.jpg
venezuela, the world islands ,dubai.jpg
ecuador, the world islands, dubai.jpg
greenland, the world islands, dubai.jpg
zimbabwe, the world islands, dubai.jpg
burj al arab, dubai.jpg
madagascar, the world islands, dubai.jpg
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mozambique, the world islands, dubai.jpg
rio de janeiro, the world islands , dubai.jpg
tanzania, the world islands, dubai.jpg


  • The benefits of owning DubaiTelemedicine NFTs are: 


DubaiTelemedicine conducts clinical trials for alternative medicines and our virtual reality an augmented therapy treatment as there is very scant data on the topic, and the implications of such data are very far-reaching. 


  1. You will access the Metaverse where alternative medicine and clinical trials will be published at regular intervals. You will own a plot of land in the metaverse that is used for medical teaching and will be developed by our developers and can be swapped. This is the only platform that we know where the patient can benefit from being seen, and their monies might be recouped through investment.


Note: There are no refunds for the NFT purchased or for the clinical services rendered. Dr Baluja’s reviews are outstanding and he and his team have a worldwide footprint and reputation. 


2.  Publish access to New therapies and Modalities that are being researched without any involvement of biased Pharmaceutical Companies. Have the opportunity to advertise any non-clinical item that is family-friendly in your plot of land on the metaverse.


3. A limited number of patient clinical trial rooms for which the value of NFTs that you own will rise.


4. By owning a Dubai Telemedicine NFT, you also get voting rights on Dubai

For further information PLEASE CONTACT: or 

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