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Do you want immediate

Relief from the Vice of Smoking?

Hi, I am Dr. Baluja, this Evidence-based meditation studied during my NeuroVascular fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital will help you with your addiction, depression, stress, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

I am a Board Certified Vascular Neurologist.

This is the life work of my wife, Preeti, and myself.

It is significant because it can help everyone on the planet feel better.

It provides you tools to live a happier life forever.

It is a practical intervention.

Recently I had one 40-year-old female that came into the Emergency with a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.


See Arrows. The white stuff is blood on the CT. It should not be there. She had the bleed because she smokes and because her blood pressure was uncontrolled and she had an aneurysm that ruptured. 


She died. 


I was saddened to watch her husband near her and her daughter near her side, as she had a hypertensive bleed in her brain. I was hopeful that she was going to make it because she was so young, I thought that this will just be a warning sign.


But she was spending her last few moments with her daughter and husband.


She did not make it. "She was a chain smoker", her husband said. We tried everything to get her to quit.


This incident made me realize once again the importance of our Evidence-based Meditation for all those people who are getting defeated by their addictions. It made me determined to bring this to all.  


The bottom picture shows a CT of a smoker who had a hemorrhage because of bleed without an aneurysm in case your mind was trying to convince you that a bleed cannot happen to you because you have no aneurysms. 


The mind is tricky like that. You have to trick it back with our techniques.


I can assure you that all patients think that this will never happen to them.


Start Reading Now.


Don't wait until you have a hemorrhage of the brain like some of my patients have had from smoking.


Download your E-book from the clickbank link provided in your email Now



How does KneeTie Meditation work?

  • Relaxed cortical activation during meditation than the resting state. This allows you to relax, and focus.


  • By activating the reward pathway, this meditation allows you to naturally trigger dopaminergic chemicals in your brain, without losing control.

So what do you get?

Your Life.


Your Taste of Good Food.


Your Sense of Smell.


Your Brain.




Your Spiritual Integrity.

Your Material Vitality.


Your Health starts getting better immediately after you stop smoking.


Relief from the grief of losing yourself or your loved one.


Relief from stress by doing the meditation.


Your Money.


Your Sense of Self Worth and Your Self Esteem by understanding that you are in control.

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