The "Knee-Tie" method to break your addiction

April 21, 2017



Ok. So what are some things that I can do right now to calm myself and lose any anxiety that I possibly might have along with addiction?


So there are five things that you can do. I would start with saying the word, ‘Knee.' Then say the word ‘Tie’. Now try to remember this.


How do I remember knee and tie?


Ok. So first take a look at your knee. Good. Now, look at your tie around your neck. To remember this, if you wear your tie around your knee, it will become KneeTie.


What if I am not wearing a tie?


Ok. Good point. So look at someone else’s tie.


What if there is no one with a tie around? How am I going to remember ‘knee’ and then ‘tie’.


Good Point, so go to any search engine of your choice. Click on images and put in knee if you lack a knee, or if you forgot what one looks like. Then, remember the word tie.


Ok. Nevermind.

Look Down. Here.


So what does saying 'knee', 'tie' do?


Repeating the word, "Knee-Tie" causes frontal cortical relaxation with a P<0.01  as shown in the Magnetoencephalography (MEG)* study conducted at Henry Ford Hospital while I was in my Vascular Neurology Fellowship. It also causes activation of the reward pathway - we think. *MEG is a functional neuroimaging technique for mapping brain activity by recording magnetic fields produced by electric currents in the brain.


Who Cares?


I agree. But still humor us. If you want to know one more step to getting free from this addiction and anxiety thing, learn to meditate using the words "knee" and "tie". When your brain is trying to make you into a difficult person, say these wrods, "knee" "tie" over and over again.


Here's a recap:


The five things are:

1. Say 'Knee'

2. Say 'Tie'

3. Say 'KneeTie' 

4. Repeat 'Knee Tie'

5. Remember by looking at these pictures. 'Knee-Tie'


You can do this anywhere and any number of times. It may be helpful if you find a quiet place; you can sit on a mat or a pillow, like the one below. 







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April 21, 2017

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