Deck of Cards

April 21, 2017



Why was I handed this deck of cards?


It is estimated that 40% to 60% of the vulnerability to addiction is attributable to genetic factors (Ries et al).


So this totally sucks, what can I do now?


So we know that there’s a strong genetic component to alcohol dependence in addition to all other substance use dependence and addiction.  But there is one underlying commonality that all of us have. This is the ability to overcome any material constraint within reason. We don’t have to be at the beck and call of our bodily needs if we choose to identify ourselves as something other than the body.


So why we decided to come up with this number attributing addiction to genetic factors anyhow?


The idea of this is to try to find ways in which scientists can develop medications or proteins by which one can overcome the addiction. However this is also detrimental to the system. If you choose a physical means overcoming your addiction and you’ll be just left with that. But if you choose a so called alternative route overcoming your addiction then you might find that you’re able to alter the cognitive and behavioral outcomes of your addiction. You also empower yourself, for your super self.


So should I not use medications?


Of course you should use medications but don’t miss out on the opportunity that your suffering is pointing out to you to have. If there’s somebody that can take our DNA and design a medication then there must be somebody who’s designing the actual DNA themselves. The key is that you have to tap into this. Tapping into this concept is popularly known as yoga. If you don’t like the word yoga then take the word meditation. If you don’t like the word meditation take the words of affirmation. Any and all of it equals one common denominator and that is simply affirmation and inspiration. The inspiration that you get after an affirmation is only a tiny percentage of the inspiration that can be tapped into after simply repetition in a yogic manner.


Does meditation and yoga help with addiction?


In our study done at Henry Ford and our ongoing studies we found that there is a Direct causation between meditation and frontal lobe relaxation.


What genes are associated with alcohol withdrawal?


We know that some genes on chromosome 1 and chromosome 1 q are associated with alcohol withdrawal.


So if I have alcohol dependence and I have a genetic predisposition for alcohol, is this not what the creator wanted me to have?


Yes, we all have to agree that we have been given a deck of cards. But simply because we are given a deck of cards does not mean that we have to play the game. At any time somebody wants to end this silly game they can and it doesn’t require harming one’s physical body. In fact the creation is so exact that we are put in these situations because of our own doing. However the creation is so merciful so we can also call “ uncle”  at any time.


So all I have to do is say the word uncle and naturally I will invoke a meditative state?


Not uncle, but the word knee followed by the word tie can start this mercy.


So if I wanted to quit my addiction I would be able to do so immediately by simply saying the words knee and tie?


This will not happen immediately as you did not acquire addiction immediately. It took some time for you to acquire your addiction similarly will take some time for you to get out of it. In the meantime the behavioral component of this needs to start. Start with the meditation ‘Knee’ ‘Tie’.  And thereafter make sure within the same moments you schedule an appointment with the doctor that is qualified to treat your addictions.




Ries, Richard K.; Fiellin, David A.; Miller, Shannon C.; Saitz, Richard. The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine (p. 5). LWW. Kindle Edition.



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April 21, 2017

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