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Alcohol Use Disorder Is Your Worst Enemy

A true story

I am going to share a true but very sad story of a woman in the U.S. who suffered a lot due to alcohol use disorder. How did she become addicted to alcohol? Let's find the answer.

She started to drink more heavily when she turned 21. It was her 21st birthday, people were trying to take her pictures and give her alcohol. She was like passing them off to other people and just kind of nursing on a couple of drinks.

In the early 20s, she didn't really like alcohol but hated hangovers. She didn't like the way it made her feel, she would feel out of control when she drank so she just didn't really care about it. But when she was 21, she got into a relationship with a man who was a few years older. He was a really heavy drinker and she was madly in love with that man.

Start of Relationship

He was someone she had a crush on since she was a little girl pretty much and so when they finally got together like he could do no wrong. She was totally looking beyond his drinking problem and in fact, she didn't even really notice it until they have been together for about a year or so. The initial period of their relationship was long distance. Every single time they would see each other, there would always be tons of alcohol and typically they would see each other just for weekend visits.

Eventually, she also became a binge drinker and couldn't do anything properly. There were also sleeping issues and she started sleeping pills. Her husband also used to beat her. Now, she knew that alcohol use disorder is the worst enemy. She was literally knocking on the door of death.

However, she was able to get separation from her husband due to the support of her family. Her continued struggle and treatment allowed her to return to life. This story is a big lesson for everyone, especially youngsters facing alcohol use disorder. The only solution is to come back as soon as possible until it’s too late.

Overview of AUD

According to the national survey of drug use and health, about twenty-one and a half million Americans adults battle with substance use disorder. About 80 percent of these individuals struggle with alcohol use disorder. Alcohol use disorder is the 3rd leading cause of death and disability in the United States.

Basically, risky use is greater than 14 drinks per week for men and greater than seven drinks per week for women. It is quite astonishing that they don't think they're in the risky use category and take this situation quite normal.

These statistics out there are clearly suggesting that these individuals struggling with substance abuse need kind attention from authorities. The same condition is prevailing all over the world and these numbers are increasing day by day. The following books are worth reading to fight against this issue:- There is another worth reading content to not become another Jacob:

In the end, let’s see this amazing video to save us from Alcohol use disorder.


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