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An unfortunate combination of Asthma and smoking

The increasing number of asthma patients with smoking refers to an alarming situation. Cigarettes are just like triggers for asthma attacks. The following list highlights a high percentage of people with asthma in the U.S. who also smoke:-

It is important to know the mindset of those patients like Amelia, who went to her doctor due to an Asthma problem.

Questions to know the root cause:-

Initially, the doctor asked her some questions since she was a new patient at the pharmacy. The questions were about smoking or the use of any kind of tobacco. Amelia replied by saying "sometimes" but couldn't stop herself to ask the reason for asking such questions.

The doctor explained that they asked all of their patients about tobacco use for many reasons. First, they care about their health and second, smoking interacts with many medications. As in her particular case, the prescription is for an asthma inhaler. Smoking can be even more harmful to people with asthma.

Amelia said she knows she shouldn’t be smoking. She doesn't do it much but only when she is out with her friends. The doctor asked about the average per day. She said that she doesn't smoke every day. She doesn't even go through a pack a week and thinks that it's not too bad.

The doctor said that it's better than a pack a day but there’s no safe amount of smoking. It's important to remember that it's risky no matter how much or how little one smokes with asthma. So even though she doesn't smoke much, she strongly urges her to quit. Amelia said she has been thinking about it. Her boyfriend also hates it. The doctor said that those are two very good reasons to quit.

What to achieve?

The doctor asked her about thinking of any problems that she might develop if she continues to smoke? Amelia replied that it's an easy answer, her asthma would get worse. Now the doctor asked about some good things that might happen if she is going to quit. She thinks that her boyfriend would be thrilled and she'd be healthier in the long run. The doctor added that there are many rewards to quitting including less asthma medication.

The doctor requested her to consider setting a quit date sometime within the next month. She was reluctant as she was not ready but she assured to give this idea some thought. The doctor added that when she will come back to pick up her refill they can discuss it again and create a quitting plan if she is ready.


The patients with Asthma and smoking have reported significant chronic cough and phlegm in comparison with ex-smokers or never smokers. It's not going to get any easier as time goes on and the sooner one quits the better it is for health. If you also want to join a cessation program, visit here:-

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