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Benefits of Quitting Smoking and health changes in the body

It is easy to quit smoking if you know the dangers of tobacco. There are following two important factors in quitting smoking which can double (even more) your chances of successful quitting:-

1. Counselling

2. Medication

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), presently there are only 23 countries that are providing services of comprehensive cessation with partial or full-coverage to assist tobacco users in quitting. Sadly, it is the only 32% representation of the overall world’s population.

It has been proved in various studies that only a few people know the health risks associated with tobacco including heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. It is a very interesting fact that there is an up to 30% increase in quitting due to brief advice given by the health professionals. Whereas, approximately 84% increase in quitting has been noted in the case of intensive advice.

Health changes and benefits

The following chart will highlight beneficial health changes that take place due to quitting for all smokers:

Other benefits of quitting smoking

There are also other benefits linked to the fact of Quitting smoking. Like it will reduce the chances of having difficulty in getting pregnant, low weight births, impotence, having premature births and even miscarriage.

What happened to Andy?

Andy was very scared due to the thought of having to quit and give up his friend. They were with him in times of need. Tobacco interfered with him being everything; a parent, a partner, an employee and it was taking its toll on him and his body physically.

It made him realize how important he was to his family and he realized he got to get his act together. He tried quitting smoking three times until he was successful on his fourth attempt.

The first time after quitting smoking, he took his kids to a restaurant. They were sitting at the table and all of a sudden, he realized he could have a cigarette. But with proper counselling and medication in the fourth attempt, he got rid of smoking.

Anybody can quit smoking but right plan is needed and not to be discouraged because it takes time. You can also try a very easiest plan from here:

You can also know addiction rehabilitation secrets from here:

You can also read the following books to learn the skill of getting rid of addiction:-

In the end, let’s see this amazing video to save us from Alcohol use disorder.


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