Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder & Intoxication with DSM-5

Firstly we learn about alcohol use disorder with the help of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-5). Someone with alcohol use disorder has consumed and continues to consume on a pretty powdered basis alcoholic beverages for consecutive months. You can say specifically at least twelve months.


They have two of the following symptoms including drinking more than what they originally said they would. So somebody says I'm going to go out for two drinks. However, they end up having seven of them. That would be one symptom not falling through with chores at home or work.


Probably you're hung-over or your body is not dealing well with having consistent alcohol being in it and increased tolerance to alcohol. Let’s discuss what tolerance is in a second less effect when alcohol consumed meaning. You've got to drink more to have that same effect and then spending quite a bit of time trying to get alcohol activities.

If you decide okay I'm not going to those activities because they don't have alcohol and that's another symptom expressing even in your mind. Hey, I wish I could cut down or I want to cut down. It is a representation of the perspective that there is a desire in you to cut down or use alcohol to minimize your symptom of withdrawal.

So these are all symptoms and if you have two of these, the danger of alcohol use disorder always remains there.

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