Why was I handed this deck of cards?

It is estimated that 40% to 60% of the vulnerability to addiction is attributable to genetic factors (Ries et al).

So this totally sucks, what can I do now?

So we know that there’s a strong genetic component to alcohol dependence in addition to all other substance use dependence and addiction.  But there is one underlying commonality that all of us have. This is t...

Ok. So what are some things that I can do right now to calm myself and lose any anxiety that I possibly might have along with addiction?

So there are five things that you can do. I would start with saying the word, ‘Knee.' Then say the word ‘Tie’. Now try to remember this.

How do I remember knee and tie?

Ok. So first take a look at your knee. Good. Now, look at your tie around your neck. To remember...

According to SAMHSA, recent findings suggest that cocaine use may be reemerging as a public health concern in the United States. For example, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) indicates that in 2015, 968,000 people aged 12 or older initiated cocaine use in the past year (0.4 percent of the population), which was higher than in each of the years from 2008.

Why the increase in use of...

According to ancient eastern texts the Definition of Addiction as described many years prior:

vāco vegaṁ manasaḥ krodha-vegaṁ

jihvā-vegam udaropastha-vegam

etān vegān yo viṣaheta dhīraḥ
sarvām apīmāṁ pṛthivīṁ sa śiṣyāt


“A sober person who can tolerate the urge to speak, the mind’s demands, the actions of anger and the urges of the tongue, belly and genitals….”

Addiction is a chronic or rela...


Cortisol Booster, Anyone?


If you or anyone you know is having fibromyalgia, the chances are that you are low on your cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands; it regulates various bodily processes including metabolism, blood pressure, salt and water balance, and immune response.  


A study in York University has suggested that the regular practice of yoga contributes...

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April 21, 2017

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