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Alcohol and Violence Correlation

A World Health Organization (WHO) report and studies of close partner violence identify the recent consumption of alcohol by perpetrators. These estimates vary from country to country and described in the below table:-

It was also highlighted by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the Bureau of Justice Statistics that the majority (two-thirds of victims of spousal violence) report that the executor had been drinking.

Ruined life

Katherine was living a very happy married life with his partner Shane. Unfortunately, Shane started drinking and eventually became a binge drinker. The drinking had gotten to a point where it became more often people around them started noticing and making comments.

Shane was more boisterous and obnoxious. If he was awake and at home, he pretty much had a beer in his hand. Katherine decided to confront him one evening and said straight forwardly that she will not accept his drinking anymore because she didn't want an alcoholic around her children.

Katherine was yelling at him. He was also yelling back at her. Suddenly he smacked her. She was just so shocked and it was a tipping point. He never apologized and so from that point on, it seemed like arguments weren’t just arguments they were wars.

Soon Katherine and Shane were arguing over everything. Shane and she didn't have a very great intimate relationship because she didn't want to do it. The attraction was gone and he would just push and push and push. The story was ended with separation.

Comparison by a poll

· The Foundation of alcohol research and education conducted a poll in Australia. It was found that nearly 80% of respondents say there is an alcohol problem. Whereas, over 90 % believe alcohol is linked to family and domestic violence.

· The poll also found that the numbers of those who drink simply to get drunk has risen in recent years in 2015. 34% of respondents say that they did so this year. The poll also suggests one third have been affected by alcohol-related violence. Moreover, about a million children are harmed as a result of their carers drinking.

· There is also another argument that there are people who've never touched a drink in their lives. It doesn't mean that they won't use violence in their relationships. Similarly, people who are drunks don’t necessarily mean they're violent to everyone around them.

The conclusion is very clear. Though it is not applicable in all cases, however, there are certainly considerable cases of violence due to alcohol use disorder. These readings would definitely help in getting rid of these addictions:-

In the end, let’s see this amazing video to save us from Alcohol use disorder.


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