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Another reason to quit: Second-hand smoke

It is important to understand the dangers of second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is the general name for more than 4,000 different chemicals. These are released into the air as tobacco is smoked. Sadly these chemicals have been shown to cause cancer.

A cigarette left burning is more dangerous than a cigarette that is being puffed on. That's because when a person smokes a cigarette, their lungs act as a filter before they exhale the smoke. There is a clarification regarding second-hand smoke that it is not just in the air, but actually, it may be absorbed into walls, furniture, children’s toys, clothes and even skin.

Damage to environment

Here are some shocking stats. Only 15 % of the smoke from the cigarette is inhaled by the smoker and the other 85 % goes into the environment. It is to remember that 15 % that the smoker inhales, they puff back out. In other words, everything that the smokers get when they smoke goes into the environment and hence becomes second-hand smoke.

The important thing to know is that there is no minimum safe amount of second-hand smoke exposure that even small amounts can have negative consequences on your health.

When smokers go out to smoke and then come back and sit next to you that second-hand smoke and all those chemicals are still on that clothing and are still being inhaled by non-smokers for people who live or work with smokers.

Henry – victim of second-hand smoke

Henry was a beautiful child. Unfortunately, his parents were smokers. They used to smoke around him and his brother. They not only did that but whenever they went anywhere they took them as well and that exposed them to even more second-hand smoke.

Their relatives were also smokers and they used to smoke around them. His brother was fine but he experienced serious physical problems as a result. Due to exposure to second-hand smoke, he got multiple bad ear infections which were so bad that he had to take medications like penicillin. As a result of those multiple dysfunctions, he sustained considerable damage to his right ear.

The incident of Henry tells that second-hand smoke is so dangerous and can harm children. It’s very important to keep smokers out of the house and also to make sure they take their jacket and the overlying shirt off.


We all know smoking is bad for us but we also know it's a very hard habit to break. But there is a way to do so. Try to stop or cut down for the sake of your children and family members.

The only way to completely protect your child is to not smoke. Make your home a smoke-free world for your child. Don't even let anyone including friends, family or visitors smoke in your home. Most importantly, ask your doctor for help in quitting smoking. Your lungs, your child, your family and your friends will thank you. If you need help kicking the habit you can visit here:

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