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How to help yourself in quitting smoking?

It is important to know how to help yourself in quitting smoking? It is not very difficult and everyone can do that successfully and confidently.

There are a few things that are related. The main objective is to identify how nicotine affects the body and leads to dependence? It is imperative to list signs and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal as well as prevention and treatment options for nicotine withdrawal.

There must be an identification of methods to cope with lapse and relapse from nicotine and understanding about how to quit successfully and confidently. However, before getting started, it is vital to think about a couple of things:-

1. There are a few things that we must know about smoking. It is so important to know the percentage of smokers who want to quit every year. There are 70% of people who want to quit smoking. However, 40% attempt every year and 7% are successful the first time.

2. For people who try to quit smoking, there is a quick fix method 'cold turkey'. They have about a 3.5 percent chance of being successful. It is also interesting about nicotine that it takes about ten days for the toxins to clear out of the bloodstream.

Role of Motivation

Now when we are considering quitting smoking, it's helpful to consider our motivations. It is vital to think about how motivated we are to quit today on a scale of zero to ten. While we think about that we should also consider what those motivations are?

People often say that they can't smell, can't stand the smell or the taste of smoking and they just know it's time. Many people say that they never thought they would smoke as long as they did when they started.

Now think about that confidence that you have in quitting smoking on a scale of 0 to 10. Write yourself 10 being the most confident that you could quit if you want to today.

Low confidence and ability to quit

The common reasons for low confidence and ability to quit are as under:-

Ø People often have failed attempts to quit in the past and this knocks their confidence down.

Ø They feel that they just have too much stress in their life and often this stress is never-ending and it makes it difficult to quit smoking.

Ø They live or work or spend time in social situations that make it difficult to smoke because they're with other smokers.

Ø Some people often say that they don't want to quit and many people say that they have low confidence in knowing how to quit smoking because they don't know how?

Smith is 49 years old. He is married and has got four children. Smith is fighting against COPD or commonly known as emphysema due to smoking. He thinks when he was young he was stupid and made wrong choices and paying for it now. But he is motivated and confident that he can get rid of smoking by knowing the root causes associated with this phenomenon.

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