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Smoking Effects on Family Life

Let's discuss some facts before moving on to our topic. Every year 6.5 trillion cigarettes (approx) are sold around the globe. Smoking is considered one of the top reasons for untimely and early death. In such cases, the whole family of a smoking person suffers big time. There are certain psychological effects especially on children which can’t be ignored.

It is astonishing to know that 3,200 young people (approx) who are under the age of eighteen try their first-ever cigarette daily in the United States. Each day, 2100 youth and young adults (approx) who are considered the first time or occasional smokers will go on to become full-time smokers.

It is difficult to believe that there is a death due to tobacco use every five seconds. It is important to understand that the impact is far more than clinical and is in a personal capacity.

Regina lost her loving mother

It’s a sad story of Regina’s mother who died from lung cancer. The twin brothers of her mother were allowed to smoke but she wasn't because she was a girl. She started smoking and she died due to lung cancer. Regina doesn't want anyone else to have to, or their families to have to suffer because of preventable death, particularly from tobacco.

Everyone who dies is someone's father or mother or brother or sister. In the case of some research, we will find that almost everyone knows a relative or friend who has died from smoking or has had their own family member's lives unalterably change due to tobacco.

Rebecca was six years old when she came home from school and she was sent to the neighbor's house. She found out a couple of hours later when her mother showed up that her father had died. He died instantly from a massive heart attack. He used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day. Instead, nobody was talking about tobacco then.

In 1998 mother of Billy who was a former smoker had developed tongue cancer and then finally had to have most of her tongue removed. She had been a school teacher. It took her career away. In 2000, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and died just a few weeks later.

Annie started smoking when she was 13. She smoked Kools for up to two and a half packs a day for about 13 years. It's been about 30 years since she quit but just this year she was diagnosed with COPD.


Smoking affects the non-smoking person or family to the same degree as it does to the smoker or equally rather more affected. Smoking effects mean smoking can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia and lung cancer.

Many of us have lost our family members to this and we could have had those family members another decade or 15 years. Smoking is dangerous to health now and long term but quitting at any age benefits health dramatically. If you or someone you love likes quitting go to:-

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