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Why You Should Not Go For Suicide Due To Alcohol Use Disorder?

Here is one real story of Johnson from Australia. He was performing outstanding from the start of his career. The young man was selected as inspection officer for local government at age of just 22. He went on to become the youngest officer and it was an enormous pressure at that age.

His downfall started basically when his wife recognized that he had the dependency without a goal. It was very shocking for his wife to find alcohol bottles hidden around the home. He was ashamed because it was secretive drinking. This led ultimately to divorce. His ex-wife took his six-year-old child away and from there on things rapidly went downhill.

This led to a drink-drive charge, so he had to resign his post as an inspection officer. This hit the headlines of the whole media. It was devastating for him that led to attempted suicide by a knife in his chest. Thankfully it clipped a rib on the way in and did not puncture the heart.

From there on he was taken to the hospital and the crisis team got involved. Thankfully they were immensely helpful and following their good long period with areas he got himself right again absent of alcohol.


To check co-occurrence in alcohol use disorders (AUDs) and suicidal ideation (SI), data analysis from 3,787 twin women (from age 18-27) was done in a study. In its results, it was found that women with AUD were at 3.1 (95% confidence interval) probability of also reporting a lifetime history of SI. It was also revealed that there are high negative life events in these groups. These women were likely to do binge drinking to cope.

We talk a lot about the negative effects or consequences of using alcohol substances but one of the things we don't talk about that much is a link between suicide and substance use. In the U.S today rates of suicide among young people are increasing dramatically. Teenagers who binge drink are up to 5 times more likely to attempt suicide.

People with mental health problems often use alcohol or drugs to feel better to medicate the symptoms that they're experiencing. But unfortunately what can happen? It can make the symptoms worse leading someone to be more likely to act on suicidal thoughts. It may be noted that depression and anxiety can also transpire when you stop using drugs.

How to help?

A lot of questions arise in your mind when you see your best friend struggling with drugs or alcohol or maybe have suicidal thoughts. You can encourage a friend to seek treatment but doing so can be tricky. A friend can get angry with you or push you away but they may hear you.

You can also privately talk to a trusted adult, maybe an older brother or sister or an aunt or even a guidance counsellor. In the end, it is recommended to read the following books to overcome addictions which are the main reasons to attempt suicide:

In the end, let’s see this amazing video to save us from Alcohol use disorder.


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