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Effects of smoking during pregnancy

In 2018/19, 22 % of women were found smoked throughout their pregnancy. It is important to know that smoking directly affects a baby’s oxygen and raises the risk of premature birth, stillbirth and miscarriage.

Mrs. Smith went to a hospital to check the condition of her baby during pregnancy. The doctor explained to her by showing a placenta. It was told that this is attached to her and everything that she breathes in, eats; drinks are absorbed and pass through the placenta. So it gives the baby everything it needs to grow and be healthy.

When she has a cigarette that carbon dioxide comes along the coordinate system to get hold of her cord so that her baby's cord and squeezes it hard. She can see if that was held tight and squeezed tightly that stops the oxygen getting to her baby.

What might happen is that the baby is smaller but it also would be a weaker baby. When she is in labor the baby struggles more and that she may end up having a caesarean section. It would mean that she should be in the hospital longer.

Preterm labour

One of the problems with smoking is preterm labor. If a pregnant woman has preterm labor, in that case, or then the baby will be in the hospital for quite a few weeks on special care. It might be quite poorly, might need oxygen because it's a weaker baby. So it's not got the nutrient because the tent hasn't been working as well.

Advice to Mrs. Smith

The doctor advised Mrs. Smith to do a test to see how much carbon dioxide is in her system. When the doctor connected it up, she saw flashing red flaps telling that her baby is in danger.

There was not much oxygen going around her baby’s system because it’s blocked by that carbon monoxide and so it's struggling to get enough oxygen to keep it healthy and keep it growing.

Now the doctor said that she knows this is all new for her. She wasn’t aware of this at all before and it is quite upsetting. The doctor thinks it's important to tell her these things because if she doesn’t have this information, she can't make choices about her pregnancy.

Response towards awareness

According to a specialist in the field, pregnant smokers and their families have responded positively because it became an initiative. According to her, one of the reasons for that is the fact that the information is presented factually.

People don't feel as though they're being lectured to. People are finding out new information about smoking in pregnancy. They were not aware of these things. The things that we'd all felt their support in the past that they knew about and overwhelmingly the responses being positive.

An evaluation of 37,000 pregnancies in North East by Newcastle and Teesside University was being done. It was found that babies born to women who quit were heavier (210g at term) than smokers' babies. Quitting smoking has immediate benefits.

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