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Issues related to conceiving, pregnancy and alcoholism

It has been six years since Sophia got married. She loved children but unfortunately, she was not conceiving due to unknown reasons. The reports of Sophia and her husband were alright and they tried many medicines but without any success. However, they both were fond of alcohol and on weekends they take a considerable amount of substance, sometimes without any limit.

Later on, while in a meeting with a gynaecologist, she came to know that basically, alcoholism was the main hurdle in conceiving. They were shocked but there was hope too. Sophia used medication and other available treatments to get rid of alcoholism and now she is the mother of two beautiful babies.


It has been researched in a study published on "Medical News Today" regarding conceiving. According to this study, there were two groups of women, wherein, one group was having the highest alcohol consumption and the other did not drink. The first group was having 14 units or more per week and in total 307 cycles, there were 37 pregnancies. In the second group in total 8054 cycles, there were 1381 pregnancies. The result shows that there was an 18 percent decrease recorded in the chance of conceiving due to alcohol use disorder.

The safe limit for alcohol

One of the questions patients ask doctors is do we have to give up alcohol and drinking to conceive? Everybody loves a glass of wine at the end of the day but it depends on how much one is drinking. Moreover, the main difficulty is, there is no safe limit for alcohol. No studies show that if one does not drink at all and cuts alcohol completely out, it's a faster time to have to get pregnant.

It’s a million-dollar question of how long it’s going to take to get pregnant. So it is important to think about moderating. The couples find it very hard to moderate. It is also notable in clinics while looking at the questionnaires that couples have to fill in. It is quite amazing how little knowledge they have about the units of alcohol and don't realize that a bottle of wine is 10 units of alcohol. So if they're having three bottles of wine a week that's 30 units, it's an awful lot of alcohol.

What we do know about alcohol is that:-

ü It is detrimental to fertility.

ü Can affect hormones and blood sugar balance.

ü Possibility of not sleeping well.

ü Affect the health of the egg and health of the sperm.

Damaging for eggs and sperm cells.

Depletes you of vital nutrients of your drinking too much which are needed for fertility such as vitamins B & Vitamin C etc.


When you're trying to conceive the safest limit is no alcohol at all but as a realist, people do like the odd glass of wine. So really cut but back on what you are drinking and drink as little as possible. Certainly, if you're preparing or going through IVF you should have no alcohol at all. These books will also help in getting rid of addictions:-

In the end, let’s see this amazing video to save us from Alcohol use disorder.


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