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Laksmi Nrisimhaya, LLC

Dr. Viveck Baluja, MD is a Veterans Administration, Board Certified Vascular Stroke Neurologist in the USA, and has his own private practice also. He has been teaching children since 1997 - combining technology and education to enhance their lives. He attended Johns Hopkins University and Kennedy Krieger Institute for General Neurology and Henry Ford Hospital for Advanced Stroke Training. His computer science training came from Johns Hopkins University where he holds a B.S. in Computer Science.

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Laksmi Nrisimhaya, LLC

 Preeti Baluja MS, MPA is Vice President for Medical Concierge and Telemedicine 
• Effective research manager with experience in both agriculture and public policy sector.
• Expertise in project management and team leadership.
• Proven track record of peer-reviewed publications, reports, and technical presentations.

Medical Concierge Service

Laksmi Nrisimhaya, LLC


LaksmiNrisimhaya, Inc is dedicated to in person medical transportation and international medical care of VIP clientele. Dr. Vivek Baluja and his team work with the team from Dubai Telemedicine to provide daily medical care for VIP patients. So far we have traveled to the following countries:



United Kingdom 

South America including Peru, Brazil, Columbia, 



Patients we care for:

- Post Surgical - Such as Post Transplant

- Neurological - Stroke Patients

- Post COVID19 Patients

- Patients with diagnosis of terminal cancer


Our end to end services include daily rounding, emergency event handling such as hospital admission handling. For more information contact Preeti Baluja -


Dr. Viveck Baluja's Linkedin Profile 

Dr. Viveck Baluja's Linkedin Profile 

Dr. Viveck Baluja's Linkedin Profile 

Preeti Baluja MS, MPA

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LaksmiNrisimhaya, LLC, 

Houston, Texas

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