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Nrsimha is a young lady who has been kidnapped by sex traffickers. She is to be sold for use during the Super Bowl. Little do they know the power that awaits them. This is part of an international initiative to stop sex trafficking. This is part of a 909(One Time Unique Nrsimha NFTs) storyboard NFTs created and embedded to make a screenplay come to life.

Healing Your Mental Health

By purchasing the Nrsimha collection you are helping to bring awareness to this very big problem and helping to be an owner in a viable collection that will only get more valuable over time.

  • Relaxed cortical activation during meditation than the resting state. This allows you to relax and focus.


  • By activating the reward pathway, this meditation allows you to naturally trigger dopaminergic chemicals in your brain, without losing control.

How does KneeTie Meditation work?

Relaxed cortical activation

96% of Meditators Experience Improvement
in their Emotional quotient with KneeTie Meditation. Are you the next one?

How will you benefit from KneeTie Meditation?

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What others think 


Hey, friends, my name is Alok and I will take a few moments to talk a little bit about this KNEE-TIE program to get high. It's developed by Dr Baluja who is a neurologist and 5his program is designed based on scientific research and studies that have been done on people who have been suffering from many different boxes of life, emotions, stress depression, anxiety name it. This program personally has helped me a lot to cope with this thing and make me a better person from what I was yesterday, it also… it's always looking into our brighter future, brighter tomorrow. Sure you must have tried some things in the past that probably didn't work for you, I humbly request you to give it a shot. It's about a four-week program and all being equal, you should start seeing some changes in your in the first weeks or so, many people who have tried this have, they swear by they turned their life around. So it's very simple first at all you will feel like it's made for you, it's tailor-made so it's very user friendly like I said it's about a three to four weeks program and you…you will see the difference in your behaviour and in your life going forward so I strongly urge you to this course a try if you are struggling with the vices like I said which are depression, anxiety, and so and so and hopefully it should help you out. I wish you luck god bless take care.



I recently completed the meditate or die KNEE-TIE to get high course it is an amazing experience I highly recommend this, it's user-friendly, it's clear, concise, and engaging and as soon as you do it you will have immediate results and it's scientifically based. As a professor who has been a student for years and constantly in the student environment, people are stressed out, have anxiety or are constantly depressed so often they choose substances abuse to cure themselves or to medicate themselves to deal with the stress so I definitely feel this course is very beneficial to society in general but particularly student populations and Professionals, in my time as a student I watched many people take to drugs or were highly depressed and they ended up killing themselves in different ways, where they were in Japan or in  America. So I watched some of my friends commit suicide and overdose within the PhD program, basically, they were not able to take control of their lives, this course helps you take control of your life and it helps you mitigate emotions for someone who is a researcher and appreciates mixed methods, the scientific foundation of the course is amazing and also it engages you, so I highly recommend this course and definitely take advantage of the opportunity……



Dr. K. Shakti, PhD, professor

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Dr. Baluja and the team have created a safe meditative process called KNEE-TIE or die to meditate to get high, it's an easy process without the overload joke of performance that we see today. So this meditation is not only beneficial for you but it's scientific, it helps not replace bad habits but it helps your bad habits float away and go away and it gives you a better Nature. You become more compassionate more loving you feel soft confidence that you didn't feel before, anxiety seems to ease, and your focus becomes better. This meditation is a process of elimination, a process of renewal, a process that connects you to something better more divine more rewarding physically and mentally than you would think that you were before engaging in so many habits or depression or stress, this meditation helps rewire your brain and you feel a completely different person, the person you were always supposed to be, there are no side effects from like doing medication It's just perfect bliss once you start getting involved getting more and more with the process. So think 9f this meditation as medicine, there is something that is going to benefit you, it doesn't do anything not benefit it's doesn't harm you and it doesn't cause any kind of disease it's is almost like a manicure or better cure and it connects you to something greater than you would ever think just so you can find your purpose in life. Yea so definitely recommends this course...

Hi my name is Barbara and I took this course meditate or die KNEE-TIE to get high by Dr. Baluja and I strongly recommend this course too. You know I had a lot of material success in my life including participation in the summer London Olympics 2012 but I never experienced such genuine happiness until after this course. I use it for stress relief and to help with my depression and it has decreased my anxiety immensely and I have tried a lot of things before, believe me I have done yoga, I have done counselling but nothing compared to this course and what I like about it most is that's it's very clear it is straight to the point and it is completely worth the price, you don't try for yourself and you will see that by the end of the four weeks you will be able to deal with most difficult emotions…..


Barbara Gasser

Kristen Mitchell, spiritual teacher

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