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Knee Tie Foundation in partnership with Jagannatha Health, LLC has been created first and foremost to help Children and adults that are underprivileged. KneeTie Foundation's roots were based in Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland in 1997.

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  • Jobs and Skills for Underprivileged

  • Mental Health Projects

We help children and young adults from around the world to get hands-on training and real world experience and real jobs. We give them much-needed training, software, and equipment to help them to further succeed.

KneeTie Foundation

KneeTie Foundation Is working on raising awareness for Stroke and Addiction in underprivileged areas, the USA, India and other 3rd world nations. We take this information, and we create awareness through AI based training programs that engage children from across the world first in training them in Stroke.

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Thereafter we train them in computer science and web-based reality. This program bypasses college and allows the students to get hands-on practical training in real-world problems.


‘The training is real, and the job is real,’ says Mrinmoyee.

Dr Viveck Baluja has been helping children with his wife Preeti Baluja since 1997 in Greenmount, Baltimore Maryland.


Even while in Residency Training Dr. Baluja continued his projects by working with residents of the Greenmount recreation centre get jobs.  Dr Baluja continues to help children and young adults get jobs, to solve real-world problems.


We purchase computers, and we offer on the job training for our upcoming adults across the world.


Video of Virtual Reality Stroke Center - Make this virtual reality stroke center.


We work directly with children who are at-risk and help them to cultivate the skills that they need from across the world.


KneeTie Foundation also delivers excellent care, and meditative practices free of charge to hospitals across the world, including doctors, nurse and other practitioners during COVID 19.

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We are dedicated to the mental health of doctors. Founded in 2018 KneeTie Foundation, is awaiting 501(c)3 status in Texas,

and dedicated to delivering, Mental Health Sessions and meditative sessions to patients. We offer this free of charge to multiple hospitals across the US including school systems.


Mental Health in school systems. KneeTie believes firmly that mental health belongs at home, and before one handles any weapon it is imperative to learn how to handle one’s emotions which is where daily meditative practice is absolutely crucial.


We are working with students across the USA to work with their most powerful weapon first and learn how to bring this under-control.  Once the mind is under control all of our externals become a tool for a higher purpose.




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