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24 hour Emergency Stroke 2nd Opinion: Board Certified Vascular Neurologist:   

Book a 2nd Opinion Emergency Stroke or Same Day ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

Emergent STROKE OR  Same Day ADHD Consultation 

Book a 2nd Opinion Emergency Stroke or Same Day ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

Emergent STROKE OR  Same Day ADHD Consultation 

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Focus is a skill. It can be learned and practiced like any other skill. 

Dr Baluja is a Board Certified Vascular Neurologist. He has outstanding patient reviews (reviews are mentioned below). He is taking ADHD patients in California, Indiana and Texas and Stroke Second Opinion in US & Internationally.  



     1. Around-the-clock consultations  for Stroke or Same day

ADHD consultation

 2. Patients will be provided with Lifestyle and Life coaching (Who What When      organization method), for organizing patients' daily routine with a lifetime roadmap conducted by Dr Baluja and the team. (Virtual Assistant Services are separate)


3. Also, Yoga coaching will be provided on a weekly basis by Dr Baluja's team.


For further information PLEASE CONTACT: 

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Very personable experience.

I had a great consultation. Dr. Baluja was helpful, informative, and personable. I was incredibly impressed by the compassion and knowledge demonstrated.

I didn’t think he would be as caring and thorough as he was—very pleasant speaking with him.


He was thorough and provided excellent advice. Thank you Dr Baluja. It was a great appointment.

He offered advice related to my situation and seemed to actually care about me as a patient.

I look forward to getting started with the medication and advice.

My doctor was thorough and dedicated w a plan for me. Very attentive and genuine.

I really appreciated the time he took to listen and give feedback. The clinician did a great job explaining the reasons for my treatment plan. He also asked a lot of questions and offered behavioral therapy solutions.

Good listener, very informative, give great advice very compassionate and understanding.

Provided me with treatment options above and beyond medication, including important lifestyle changes.

Great. Knowledgeable and understanding. Isn’t just giving a prescription but also giving recourses and advice on how to deal with ADHD.

My Doctor was super cool and informative about everything, he helped me with some mediative phrases to say, to help when I’m running off into a world of distraction. I felt really safe and sure that I was getting the proper help and treatment I need.

He was easy to talk to, extremely friendly, and such a great help!

He was wonderful and made it comfortable to share and be open about my issues. Went well

He gave good advice, I think it was on point.


The doctor was so great asked so many questions to really gain insight into who I am and provided me with so many great tools to help with my ADHD. Thank you!

Very helpful and kind.

Very easy to talk to and was great at digging into where my head was at. Good appointment very sweet and gave me a lot of other helpful tips outside of our appointment.

The clinician was very helpful, and I could tell he was concerned with not only treating my ADHD symptoms but also my continued overall health. 10/10 would recommend it!


Very knowledgeable, thorough, and detailed. Showed great care and concern. Answered all questions very well. 100% satisfied. Thank you!

He was very helpful both with regards to the medication and also self-maintenance and care through tips on how to organize your brain.

I was so impressed with the great advice he gave me to stay on top of my workload while I've been trying to keep everything straight in my life. He was very kind and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment. My doctor was thoroughly and highly engaging as well as knowledgeable.


He helped me make a plan

The doctor was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and great to work with. Excellent experience so far.

Awesome advice, very supportive

He was very kind and helpful.


He was so awesome. Very helpful, very thorough, and understanding. He also gave me tips and showed compassion.

Dr. Baluja took the time to go over my history and took factors into consideration

Friendly listened well and communicated clearly. Highly recommend Dr Baluja.

He was very knowledgeable and took his time with me. I appreciate that he shared techniques to manage my attention that didn’t include medication. I recommend him highly.


Super nice and encouraging!! I had a great experience and I felt very comfortable with my doctor. Thanks for all the help!!

It was a great experience! The doctor was very easy to speak with and demonstrated considerable knowledge and compassion in our discussion. I'm confident in the treatment plan we worked out.

The doctor was nice and knew what he was talking about personable, direct

He listened to my concerns and provided helpful strategies for managing sense in addition to medication recommendations

Dr. Baluja Was genuine and sincere. He went into detail about various approaches to treating and managing ADHD.

Provided a very positive experience. Looking forward to meeting with him again.

Genuine and helpful. I felt heard without any judgment. Dr Baluja was excellent. He took the time to ask about me and what my concerns are. He gave me useful and strategic ideas to help me cope with feeling overwhelmed. He was friendly and seemed to genuinely care.

Fantastic experience. He listened, offered advice, and was interested in my life, goals, and family. I can't recommend him strongly enough!

Dr. Baluja is direct and professional. He was patient with the technical difficulties we encountered which I greatly appreciate. I would describe him as a high-power individual with helpful directions and an encouraging attitude. It will be my pleasure to rise to the occasion.

It was very nice and informative.

I like his demeanor. He came off as very thoughtful and easy to talk to. Very good first appointment.

He is extremely knowledgeable and cared about my life more than any other doctor has. He also knows tons about my rare genetic disorder so that made me trust him even more. 10000/10 experience and I'm definitely sticking with him.

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