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Connection of AUD & PTSD

It is imperative to know Alcohol Use Disorder. Why? It is one of the top reasons for causing death and disability around the globe. Would you believe this statement? There are approximately 8 million alcohol dependent people alone in the United States. Likewise, the position in the rest of the world is also not much different.

The increasing numbers related to alcohol use disorder are indicating alarming situations. This situation becomes worse when it is associated with PTSD. PTSD means posttraumatic stress disorder. It is a disorder in the people who faced traumatic events. Both disorders are interconnected. We need to know them to find a solution or way forward.

Main reasons for PTSD?

PTSD is a mental health issue. For instance, a person uses too much alcohol for a longer period and suffers from alcohol use disorder. There is a certain possibility of vulnerability to PTSD even after recovery from alcohol use disorder. There are specific treatments for PTSD.

Binge drinking

Binge drinking is basically about a drinking pattern of four or more drinks for two hours. It is quite a heavy dose of alcohol and affects our body and mind. It is a condition when the drinker loses his control and feels stress. Binge drinking must be avoided to enjoy a healthy life.

Alex decided to quit but…:

  • Alex was an energetic and confident young boy living in Washington. He was very clear about his future goals. He wants to become a doctor. Alex didn’t know the upcoming challenges in his life. He started using alcohol as just a time pass.

  • Alex was very clear in his mind about his future. He thought that he could easily do that. However, the amount of drinking increased with time. One day, he decided that he will no longer use alcohol again to achieve his life goals.

  • He came to know in a few hours that it is very easy to say. But practically it is very difficult. Like he was unable to sleep and feel anxiety. There was a severe headache and due to its severity, he didn’t talk to anyone.

  • He was going through PTSD. While he was going through this trauma, his best friend came and tempted him to drink. In anxiety, he again started taking alcohol.

It is pointed out that there are certain complications in case of severe alcohol withdrawal. The same scenario is portrayed above in the story of Alex. It can be a good approach to gradually withdraw it. Moreover, those situations must be avoided which may tempt us to start again and take us to zero.

It is difficult but not impossible. In the beginning, you can cut down the amount of alcohol you take. Last but not least reward your progress and start thinking about the benefits associated with getting rid of this disorder. There is a bright future waiting on the finishing line.

The following are some important books to get rid of alcohol use disorder and highly recommended:

In the end, let’s see this amazing video to save us from Alcohol use disorder.


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