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Risks involved In Binge Drinking and severe health issues

It is very easy to start drinking or to become a binge drinker. But one should know the risks involved in binge drinking and alcoholism to not become like Joseph.

Joseph was a young man living in South Korea. He never encountered severe illness in his life. He spent a smooth life pattern until he became a binge drinker. It was just like a fun and adventure to do binge drinking at the start. He did that unconsciously without bothering risks hidden on the road of alcoholism.

Apart from headaches and anxiety, he never faced any critical issues. But the real problem started with breathlessness. He felt out of breath now and then including very heavy night sweats. He was also having difficulty in swallowing.

On his detailed checkups, his reports revealed signs of cancer. It was not easy at all to know this shocking news. Joseph never expected this situation even in his dreams. But he has to battle this disease as it's no use crying over spilled milk.

Severe Health Issues

There are many risks associated with both binge drinking and alcoholism. People who binge drink have a higher risk of experiencing alcohol poisoning, sexual dysfunction, and unintentional injuries. Overall it is known that alcoholism leads to very severe health risks. An article published in the Journal of American Medical Association reported that alcoholism is a progressive disease and can often lead to death.

Alcoholism related deaths can be caused by liver disease, neurological damage, cancer malnutrition, heart disease, and diabetes. Well, a binge drinker may find it hard to amend the way that they consume alcohol. A brief intervention can help. It may include several short one-on-one sessions with a qualified counsellor. It is possibly a discussion regarding the drinking pattern of that person. Moreover, it is important to know the reasons that drinking patterns seem comfortable to that person. Later on, a step by step plan may also be developed that the person can use to change their drinking habits.

Formal Rehab Program

However, some people with binge drinking issues are required to enrol in a formal rehab program. In this program, support group work and combine counselling is used for recovery. It is not that simple as there are chances of involving health risks in these attempts.

The basic issue is associated due to long-term alcohol abuse. It can change the chemical signalling of the brain. When they are not allowed alcohol, they can experience seizures. It is therefore recommended to use medications by the medical detox teams and thereafter formal rehab program may be used as a follow-up. In this program, people will work with counsellors, social workers, lifestyle coaches, and peers to develop a targeted set of skills.

What to do in case of frequent binge drinking? It is extremely important to consult with a licensed medical health professional, who specialized in addictive behaviors. The consultant will do a formal assessment of the individual. Then he can make recommendations regarding how the person should proceed.

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