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Kids are being shot across schools in America. In 2019, 3,371 American children and teens were killed in gun violence—enough to fill more than 168 classrooms of 20. Children and teens gun deaths hit a 19-year high in 2017 and have remained elevated since. In 2019, nine children and teens were killed with guns each day in America—one every 2 hours and 36 minutes. Guns kill more children and teens than cancer, pneumonia, influenza, asthma, HIV/AIDs, and opioids combined.

In the recent massacre of Texas School shooting in Robb Elementry School on 24th May 2022, 19 children and 2 adults were killed by an 18-year-old local boy.

As School Shootings are rising post-pandemic we must give them tools to manage their Emotions by training them in Emotional intelligence. One way to train them in emotional intelligence is the Gorungo Mindfulness and Brainstroke program with help of Yoga trained by monks.



It is to be understood that stopping guns will just lower the danger of such a massacre but still the danger stays if the consciousness of the people is not changing and if emotion management training is not given in the right direction at a very early stages of such massacre will happen again and again.

We shouldn't just stop changing consciousness and training people in emotional intelligence, also Kids in school from very early stages should be taught along with the teachers and school staff how to deal and act rightfully in such situations. This is where Kneetie Foundation is taking a stance because there is a major power tussle between fear which he used to his advantage, paralysing the mind of people and feed of it.

It's very important to realise now and act upon this, to save our country as the children are the future of this great nation.



Kneetie Foundation with help of  Dr Vivek Baluja a board-certified Child & Adult neurologist is working with children for the last few years and trying to raise this issue nationally all over America through Kneetie Gorungo that the need for community development that is focused on reducing violence, the impact on children and youth exposed to violence needs to be addressed. The mental health needs of gun violence victims should be also addressed.

In this ongoing process, Kneetie Foundation is building a program to teach the Children, Teachers, Parents and School staff about self-defence and how to act during this situation




We believe in our second amendment rights, and we also believe in our right to be emotionally intelligent.

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to help us in this urgent issue and in the development of a mindfulness program. The below chart gives a brief description of the rising number of deaths by firearms Vs Motor Vehicle Crashes.




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